Speed QueenFriday August 13, 200I had the pleasure of participating in an awsome battle between two Saturn Sky turbos black all fully custom tuned and a Solstice GXP. In this particular video it is the Solstice GXP running against a Honda Civic SI Turbo. They where both more or less at the same power all though we never did get an answer as to how much horse power the Civic SI was running at with its turbo which was pushing 14 or 18 pounds of boost.

The one very cool aspect about this midnight battle was the fact that both drivers where young beautiful woman. That is if you are a fan of motor-sports a reality amongst a mostly male dominated scene. Specially at County line Drag-way where all you see is dudes. Well enjoy the videos as much as I enjoy taking them and participating. There are two , first up is both cars staging and the next one is the actual race. Enjoy.

Battle Preparations

The Midnight Battle between two Beauty Speed Queens