Money they say, wont make you happy. But it will get you much better toys, which make you happier. And I really can’t think of anything better than the 599XX. Almost the ultimate BADASS race car if there ever is such a thing. The only problem with the 599XX will be just an OVER PRICED Over the top toy.

The 599XX is sold as a test car for track use only at a price tag of 1.1million euro, now that’s big Ballah status there (one day I will be there One Day!). There will be 15 of 599XX in the world so it’s a super-exclusive club for the top of the top.

The car comes with the Ferrari families personal mechanics that will dissect and analyze every lap the owners do and tell them how much they SUCK.

Now to the needy greedy, performance wise the 599XX is pumping with a re-engineered¬† Fiorano V12 pushing 700bhp at an amazing 9000rpm. The car only weights in at 1330kg and coupled with a¬† gearbox that can crank out 60 millisecond shifts well, all I have to say is “Must be nice” to have the budget to play with the big boys. Well the rest is just pictures of the Sexiest thing in car testing yet. Maybe.