Car Hangouts in Miami/Car Meet

What does 150,000 pounds of metal, a parking lot, 107th and Bird Road have in common? Have you guessed yet?  It’s Miami’s fledgling car meet.  If it’s not for the thrill of racing that you go there it is because you are scramming away to another location from the cops that just arrived.  But pump & thrills are not the only reasons why 50 or so (guys mostly) head there and stay to the wee hours of the night.  Some go to show off their cars. Some go to show off their latest upgrade.  But most go just to hang out with their friends and do the age old thing humans like to do-talk.  Talk about their latest toy, their latest mods, or their latest brush with law enforcement.   Come check it out.

There are car meets here in Miami Monday to Sunday. The times are usually after 10 pm till 1am or when the cops show up. For anyone that likes automotive competition or is simply a fan of cars, you will find every make and model at these cars meets.

Mondays-Friday, the first place for the Car meet is at 107ave and 40th street, in the parking lot between Checkers and Pizza Hut. The times are usually from 10:30 pm onwards. However the cops usually show up before midnight. If the cops do show up, we move to 115 Ave next to Shorty’s. If the cops show up at Shorty’s then we move to 97th ave and 8th street. If that gets taken down, then we go back to 107th and 40th St.

Our first unofficial video: yes we are this cool

This is one of the many sites here in Miami Florida for the car meets and hangouts. This particular day it was dead, but still whatever. It was still fun somewhat but soon I will upload better vids of the really packed hangouts.