BIG CHANGES COMING FOR 2019. As the first month of 2019 comes to a close I am happy to announce that a lot of changes are coming to this page.

First Big Announcement: Working in partnership with I now have dealer access with SPECIAL PRICING on ALL MOTUL BRANDED PRODUCTS. That means anyone looking for special pricing on ESTER Racing Oil shoot me a PM. I also have special pricing on other car parts & performance parts but more on this at a later date.

Second: The Q50 is now near completion I will be using MOTUL Racing 300V POWER 5W-40 Ester Oil. I already completed the Z1 lower Down Pipes, Straight pipe exhaust, Z1 Helical Differential Upgrade, JB4 Tune, and Toyo Proxes RR racing tires at 235/35-19 fronts & 295/30-19 rear.

Third: From now on I will be regularly posting as many Miami Car Meets as possible on this page and keeping all info as up to date as I possibly can. Look for a Blue Q50 at the next meet.

Fourth: I will be participating at every Homestead Miami Speedway Fast Lane Friday event and will try to make more of an appearance at PBIR.