Hot ass Miami Chick’s, Girls, Woman

whatever fact is; itsĀ  all here, GIRLS and CARS. What more can you possibly ask for; well maybe winning the lotto, but if not the at least you get to enjoy along with us our favorite subjects. That of course being beautiful woman, Badass fast cars, and the fact that it all comes together here in gorgeous Miami, Florida.
Sexy Mama’s Know how to shake it!


On December 23, 2008, I went to the Homestead Speedway for a race event and it was amazing, Not only where there kick ass cars, but the Babes, the babes where awsome. There was a car show and even a Bikini contest. Well I let the two vids speak for themselves!

Man if only these girls would go to the hangouts and car meets around Miami more often, it be packed in the thousands. I mean girls and fast cars does not get much better then this.

Hot Import Nights in Miami

Here is another video from Hot Import Nights in Miami from 2007. I mean you got to love Miami only in this beautiful city we have wonderful things like these wonderful bikini models, and you cant argue with their looks, they are just plain Hot. All theses models are from miami and they all have the hottest bodies, hottest asses and just plain sexy.