The GTbyCitroen has been pure virtual reality – a digital-only supercar created for the Gran Turismo video game. So when I saw these pictures above and below pop on the web. I freaked out. I mean look at it. Its a 25th century space shuttle, on wheels.

Yep, it’s a real one. In London. Take a good look at the pic. The pictures look real enougth or someoen is very good at PSCS3. However a quick youtube search also confirmed it with several videos of the car, it ha s aV8 550 engine and no reverse transmission, of course being a concept I dont know how the future will fair for it, but the car is ahaead of its time.


Looks awesome, doesn’t it? At sixteen feet long and just three feet high, it’s got a swoopy supercar stance. The gullwing doors don’t look bad either.