Amazing BMW, Honda, and Saturn at FIU

We employed the great photographic genious of Rafael Sanches for this awsome photoshoot at the FIU parking lot. No real words need to be typed as you can simply look at the pics, but because I want better ranking in google I will wirte some good keyword spam. Lets see you will find here the Honda Del Sol Si painted midnight blue. Which is I think the sexiest blue I have ever seen in a car.

I mean look at the pics that Del Sol is smoking HOT. There is probably no better looking Del Sol in all Miami. Not one I have seen here with a honda as sexy as this del sol. Too bad the owner is a dude.

In the mix is the Saturn Sky with the custome exhaust and intercooler, along with an upgraded ECU reflash. This car is pure perfection, specially for the fact that its a Saturn, I mean come on look at it, its like Saturn woke up one day and out of thin air pulled out the best looking roadster ever. This is one of a few American cars I love, hands down the Saturn Sky Turbo.