Nissan 240 drifitng/CrashDrift Events in Miami Florida

Here is a small collection of all the pictures and videos I have taken of drifting events right here in beautiful Miami, FL. You will find everything from the regular Nissan 240 drift machine, to Mazda miatas, Mazda RX-7’s and everything in between.

Nissan 240 drifitng/Crash

Here are some videos check out this Mercedes Drift Demon.

Here is a Mazda Miata turbo drifting.

d1Grand Prix 2009 Miami

Miami D1GP grand Prix 2009 Check it out

The Drift Grand Prix here in Miami Florida was amazing go to the link above to really enjoy all the pictures taken for it. There where some amazing drifters there like:

D. Saito

N. Kumakubo

F. Wang

T. Ueno

The rest of the list of drivers is in the article so go read it now, enjoy.